Thursday, 28 July 2011

doojoon B2ST facts .

DJ FACTS ;♥ one of doojoon's nicknames was General
♥ couldn't sleep when Hyunseung, Kikwang, Dongwoon, and 4minute Gayoon and Jiyoon were about to take their college entrance exams
♥ "i will pack up in three days" doojoon always says that. Interviewer: "does he pack up?" no it's all the same
♥ has a habbit of throwing things aroudnt he step, around the corridor and the main door
♥ if you hear head-bagging in the night, that would be doojoon / he bangs his head agains the top of the bed while sleeping
♥ doojoon states that they can't even dream bout it(BEAST and 2NE1 together)
♥ Doojoon has neat handwriting, he said he won an award for neat handwriting while he was still in school
♥ Doojoon has a crush on Sung Yuri from Fink.K.L
♥ Doojoon said once Yoseob acted cute towards him, Junhyung followed after batting his eyelids and smiling making aegyo sounds
♥ Doojoon, when he finds a pretty place, or when he is bord, pulls out his phone to take selcas
♥ Doojoon said once he called Kikwang up and he rolled off his bed onto the floor, instead of getting up properly
♥ he was aked by the interviewer to show is 'cutness' which after he did, he made the other members want to walk away
♥ out of all the members Doojoon loves to go online the most
♥ Doojoon double checks with problems, even when they are solved
♥doojoon was out with ok taecyeon when he was still a trainee under jyp. at the time, ok taecyeon was experiencing high popularity and fans only crowded around ok taecyeon. a bored doojoon therefore started to dig his nose (-.-ll), when he turned to face eye to eye with that fan. doojoon was speechless. that fan was also speechless.
♥a fan brought a bag of 왕꿈틀이 for doojoon during fansign. doojoon awkwardly smiled and rejected her kind offer. seeing the fan’s disappointed reaction, doojoon: “errr… we’ve 3 boxes of 왕꿈틀이 in our dorm…”
♥doojoon originally wanted to make chicken porridge for dongwoon when he was down with a cold. however, he ordered fried chicken in the end as he didnt know how to cook it…
♥when beast upgraded to a better dorm, doojoon phoned his mum and excitedly told her, “the dorm’s living room is so huge to the point that i can play soccer in it!”
♥A fan gave doojoon a bread and asked him to pass to yoseob. doojoon: “yoseob doesn’t eat bread” and then, ate it…
♥Doojoon was ranked top as the male celebrity with a good body figure on Sixth Sense along with After School’s Gahee as the female celebrity chosen.
♥Doojoon does not believe in quitting after a failure.

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